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Money doesn't grow on trees



About Us

Is it possible to buy stocks from publicly traded companies that are currently providing support and services to the Cannabis and Hemp Industry while it's in a 'prohibition' phase?  We have been for 2 years and are ready to share with you how the system works! 


WHAT IS ClubMoFu™ ?



Make your money work for you at ClubMoFu™  with the fastest growing sector in America - the legal cannabis markets.



Investing alone can be daunting and dull.  ClubMoFu™  provides strength in numbers and experience. And we're never dull.



Buying stocks from companies that are publicly traded on the exchange and may support the Cannabis or Hemp Industry.

Member Testimonials


Club MoFu gives me the support to investigate profitable markets I might not have considered when investing on my own!

- Shannon S.


I love the camaraderie and family feel that this group has.  I look forward to our charting exercises that enhance our ability to look at an investment objectively and remove the emotion.



Club MoFu is my first exposure to trading and I'm having so much fun learning as I trade!

-Shelly J.



How To Join In With Other  ClubMoFu™  Members


Join ClubMoFu™ - Global. An Online Membership

Want to learn more about becoming a ClubMoFu™  member?  It's easy!  Contact our team today and find out how to make your money work for you with the fastest growing sector in America - the legal cannabis market!   ClubMoFu™  Global provides strength in numbers and experience.

How much money do you need to invest in stocks?

Despite the common misperception, you don't need a ton of money to get started investing in stocks. Stock trading commissions have dropped significantly in recent years, so it's practical to buy your first individual stock with as little as $50!

How to get ready for investing in the cannabis and hemp industry!

Look at your personal financials.

Don’t leave your self short monthly – set a budget

Make sure its money you don’t need for the next 3 to 5 years so make sure you have an emergency fund.

Ask yourself what is my goal?

  1. This is a long term investment

  2. Understand the market is and will continue to go up and then down and then up

  3. Learn to investigate companies and have a check list of factual information to learn about the company

  4. Some say don’t invest in a business you don’t understand! Join our FB Group and get educated

  5. You’ll make good choices and some choices – not so profitable. In this industry, selling may not be a good thing.

  6. Open a brokerage account and get started!

  7. Join our Global investment club to be part of a larger master mind.  Friends don't let friend invest alone - Join Today


Become A ClubMoFu Global Member!

ClubMoFu's monthly online Membership Benefits 

  • No experience necessary

  • Video training on  researching companies; setting up your brokerage account and much more

  • Become part of a community of like minded individuals taking charge of their financial future

  • Live monthly meetings from your computer anywhere in the country

  • Group discussion on companies in the news and are publicly traded 

  • Admission to a private FB group of other members

CONTACT us today and find out more about "Earning with a twist"


Start A Movement! Start A ClubMoFu!

Start a Investment Club in Your Community!


Our Ambassadors are forward thinking individuals who want to lead others; offer a platform to show friends how to create an additional stream of income and buy stocks from publicly traded companies that have products and services supporting the cannabis and hemp industry; have fun and be rewarded financially.

MoFuClub Benefits:

  • Training on stock buying and selling platform and strategies

  • Training on a completely secure accounting system 

  • All partnership and organizational documents prepared for chapter

  • Recruitment and marketing support and training

  • How-To training videos on companies to trade

    • includes TOP performing stocks

  • Continued online and live educational training monthly

  • Assistance for club Ambassadors in their responsibilities of keeping an active club successfully investing and get paid for being a leader! 



We look forward to speaking with you!  Contact ClubMoFu™  Main Office; Denver, CO

ClubMoFu – gathering groups of like minded individuals who believe that at the end of the current prohibition era, money can be made by buying stocks from companies now that touch the cannabis & hemp industries.  Grow your money - not plants!   Welcome to The Club. ClubMoFu

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 ClubMoFu, LLC is not an investment company. ClubMoFu, LLC its members or affiliates are not investment advisors. Investing in the stock market is risky and the member is advised to research carefully any choices for investing or stock purchasing. No representation or guarantees have been made regarding the investment performance of the Club, or of any individual stocks that have been or may be studied and/or purchased by the Club.