About Us

Is it possible to buy stocks from publicly traded companies that are currently providing support and services to the Cannabis and Hemp Industry while it's in a 'prohibition' phase?  We have been for 2 years and are ready to share with you how the system works! 

Our Goal

At ClubMoFu, our goal is to help people learn how to make money in the cannabis and hemp industry. Nothing to sell, no products, no experience necessary, no farming. The Club's Vision is to empower, to learn about the industry and how to find great investments and to share together the financial rewards.
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Our Vision

The website Vision is to be enticing to want to join our Club as a Member. It’s vision is to send the message that money doesn’t grow on trees and the industry is in prohibition. Buying stocks from publicly traded companies is what we do and have been successfully doing this since 2017. Little known secret to find the ‘niche’.

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Feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by the thought of investing in the cannabis and hemp industry? Then join this group of like minded individuals who want to grow their personal wealth; be a part of this booming industry with -no farming- no product making - no sales involved! We are sharing information and encouraging discussions on how and why to buy stock from publicly traded companies who supply products or services (ancillary) for the fastest growing industry in this century. In this space we share ideas, opinions and ask questions, to learn and become more savvy about investing in the stock market. Our goal is to help empower people who are sure there is a path to creating wealth by investing during this prohibition time frame. Welcome to the Club...(Mo)ney (Fu)n.

Disclosure: ClubMoFu and its affiliates or employees are not a stock brokers or advisors nor do they offer financial planning. Investing in the stock market can be risky and investments can lose value. We recommend you have a strategy and goal in mind before you begin.

This material is for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice and is not meant to suggest that any securities are suitable investments for any particular investor. Investment advice is only