Why Invest?

ThoughtFULL Thursday thoughts in answering questions I get asked a lot. Why invest? Isn't investing risky? Isn't this complicated?

Think about the alcohol prohibition days, millionaires weren't just made from the 'liquid', they made their money by investing in companies who supported the product when it became legal...i.e. bottling, manufacturers, delivery companies and so on. We are in a cannabis prohibition right now and the end or legalization is coming soon. If you aren't in - you will be missing out.

Let's not forget what happened to Hemp in 2018. Hemp plant was released from the Federal Food and Drug Category 1 level, thereby legalizing the farming, sale of products in all states of the US. The Hemp industry alone is expected to add $150 Billion Dollars to our economy. In this portion of the industry, I can find hundreds of companies whose products support the growth and distribution. Buy the stocks in those companies, right?

I've never bought and sold stock in anyway shape or form and I'm not a stock broker so that is where ClubMoFu's concept was founded. Never alone was my thought so I formed an investment club by reinventing the traditional model that's been around for 100 years and invited friends and colleagues to join me. We are successfully investing and having fun being pioneers in a Club atmosphere.

The stock market has always been the the fastest way to make money for years and this industry boom is no different. At ClubMoFu, we look for ancillary companies that support the cannabis/hemp growers and product makers and invest in their stock thereby buffering the risk with lower priced stock options.

A Club atmosphere is about strength in numbers of people and it provides the platform for people to learn, earn and get a solid portfolio going now before the prohibition era for cannabis ends. Not too late to be thoughtFULL and start building for your future and adding new income possibilities. To find out more and how you can join the growing number of people who want a earn (Mo)ney and have (Fu)n doing it, contact us thru the website and checkout the informative videos on our Facebook page.

Join in, have some fun and Invest!

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